Chris Guy
31st January 2020

Meeting Room Displays

Our meeting room display app has been released for a while, so we thought it's about time we wrote a blog post about it.

What is it?

The app is available on iOS for iPad devices on the Apple App Store. All you need to get started is an iPad with the app installed.

Pairing the app is really easy - you just go to the meeting room settings in Meeting Fuse and generate a code. This code can then be entered into the app to pair the device - and that's it, done.

Your iPad can then be mounted on the wall outside your meeting room where it will happily show the current status of the room (Available / Occupied) and the bookings for the current day. You can even look ahead or in the past to see other days and times.

Tell me about the new features!

Ok, ok. The first new feature we added is the ability to end your meeting from the display when it finishes early. This frees up the room for others and lets them see at a glance that it is available for use.

Another new feature allows you to book an ad-hoc meeting from the display. Sometimes you have to take that important call, and having spotted an available room it's now really easy to book it with a couple of taps. This lets others know that it is in use so you can take the call without interruption. If the call finishes earlier than expected, just end the meeting from the display.

Both of these features are available in the latest version of the app, and both are configurable. So if you don't want them enabled for a particular room, it's easy to switch them off in the meeting room settings.

We really recommend you give our app a try - it's free to download and use and can have a big impact in your workspace to make everyone's lives easier.