4th May 2018

So, why rebrand meeting fuse and why redesign the tool. What are we doing?

We all know this has been on your lips for some time so we figured we’d finally tell you. Meeting room SaaS software is generally hard to use, clunky and lets be honest, from the 90s. It has always seemed crazy to us that companies are ok with booking meetings in this way. It also seemed crazy that they also spend vast quantities of their quarterly budgets to simply book a meeting or organise spaces without a great and simple to use meeting room organisation tool.

So, the rebrand. I hope you’re not expecting a detailed flow of how we did it and our strategy, because this isn’t what we are here to tell you. Im going to tell you why we did it.

We wanted to create a new meeting room booking tool that sets a standard that you should expect to receive at a good price. Our brand needed to reflect this, we are an energetic company, innovating and pushing forward we are not in a box, and nor should you be. We’re lighting a fuse on the industry to break you free from the old ways and show you the green light for simple to use meeting room booking tools.

We follow a ‘user first’ design principle, where we centre the user at the heart of what we create. This is so you have the simplest tool with the right user experience. Redesigning the site and the meeting fuse tool is a result of our promise to you: our loyal fans and customers, our trusted family of users who are are fed up with awful SaaS tools, that we will always push forward and we will never charge you more for features you should all have as a standard. We provide free updates and free meeting tools and as part of this we wanted to give you a cleaner meeting room booking tool that reflects our brand. There is a long way to go and we have a huge list of things we want to do to make your experience of meeting room booking as pleasurable as possible.

Many of you provide feedback of functionality you would like to see and we use this to build the features you want to use, think of this as a form of Co-design. We design Meeting Fuse with you and for you. Think of it as a custom meeting organisation tool that everyone benefits from.

Our rebrand and improving the tool is a reflection of ours and your desire to break away from the rest of the industry and make a statement that says “this meeting room organisation and booking tool is the best” and we don’t think anything else comes close. This is what we want our brand to say and the vibes we want to give off, we think its getting close to doing this.

We are looking forward to new people, customers, partners and backers joining us on this new look, new feel journey into the future with Meeting Fuse being the number 1 in meeting room SaaS tools.

If you have a vision of what the future should be, you need to define the path to get there. Simples.