Chris Guy
30th April 2018

Google calendar integration with Meeting Fuse

Keeping track of your meeting room bookings can be difficult. That's why we added Google calendar integration to Meeting Fuse, and here's why you should use it.

Why Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is preinstalled on all android smartphones and is available as an app download on iPhones and iPads, as well as being integrated into Gmail and many other 3rd party calendar programs for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Google Calendar is widely used by businesses of varying sizes via Google Apps for Work (now called G Suite), and often comes out on top in user surveys as the most popular calendar app.

Google Calendar integration was the most requested feautre that came out of feedback from our users, and so we decided to build it.

How do I connect my calendar to Meeting Fuse?

As with all features we add to Meeting Fuse, the user experience is our top priority and so we made sure connecting your calendar was as easy as possible, and once connected we make sure keeping it in sync is hassle-free.

When you login to your desk on Meeting Fuse, you are taken to the My Meetings page. In the top right hand corner, you will notice a 'Sync with Google Calendar' button. On clicking the button, you are redirected to Google to authenticate Meeting Fuse to access your calendar. After authorizing Meeting Fuse, you are returned to Meeting Fuse where you can create a new Google Calendar or choose an existing one for Meeting Fuse to sync with. And that's it, done.

We recommend you create a new Google Calendar for Meeting Fuse as it makes it easier to filter meetings from other events in your calendar.

Keeping your meetings in sync

Once Meeting Fuse is connected to your Google Calendar, we will automatically sync your events and keep your calendar up to date. This happens in near realtime in the background, allowing you to focus on other things safe in the knowledge that you won't miss that important meeting.

Any meetings (including recurring meetings) you are attending are added to your calendar and when you view a meeting in your calendar you can see all the details and click through to Meeting Fuse to view/edit that meeting.

Are any other calendar apps supported?

At the moment we have only added support for Google Calendar, but have plans to add Outlook/Exchange integration soon. If you have any other suggestions of features you would like to see, please contact us and we would be delighted to hear your suggestions.

How much does it cost?

As with all our features, Google Calendar integration is available to all users at no extra cost. So whether your company has 1 free Meeting room or is paying for more, your users can take advantage of this feature.

We hope you enjoy using this feature and check back soon to hear of all the other exciting new features we are working on.