Chris Guy
19th May 2016

Introducing Meeting Fuse

Hi, Welcome to Meeting Fuse and our first blog post! The idea of this of this post is basically just to introduce the website and explain why we built it and what it is for, and how it can help your company.

So, first on the agenda: Why Meeting Fuse?

As you may be aware, there are other meeting room booking systems available - so why on earth did we go and build this one?

The idea for building it came when we were talking to our office manager about their meeting room management woes. The problem was, in our cool startup shared office there were only 2 meeting rooms, and more than 10 companies wanting to use them. The office manager was using Google Calendar to manage the meeting rooms and had to use third party software to export the bookings and then mess around with a spreadsheet to work out which companies were using the meeting rooms the most and how much to charge them for their usage.

Which is why Meeting Fuse has a highly adaptable reporting tool available for company owners & admins to make it really easy to monitor usage and figure out which teams in your company are having too many / not enough meetings, or meetings that are too long or if you have a problem with meeting room availability.

What else is Meeting Fuse for?

We created Meeting Fuse to address an issue with reporting, but it soon became apparent that there were plenty of other problems our users wanted us to solve.


One of the wonderful & unique benefits of Meeting Fuse that we haven’t really talked about anywhere else yet is how useful it is for your meeting attendees. You know, you have that prospective client booked in to come and see you next week at your office. Does the client know how to get there, who to ask for, what time to turn up, what they need to bring, what the agenda is, who else is attending the meeting, etc, etc? How do you always ensure all the attendees have the information they need to be prepared for that important meeting?

With Meeting Fuse, every meeting gets it’s own meeting page and the attendees can see all this information and more. Each meeting gets added to the attendee's ‘My Meetings’ so they can always see what meetings they have coming up, and they also receive notification emails with an ICS file attachment to add to their usual calendar program (such as Outlook / Google Calendar).

On the meeting page they can see who else is attending, all the notes etc. added to the meeting, the address & location map, and remote participants are even able to dial in to the meeting via built-in video conferencing, all without leaving the page (requires Chrome / Firefox).

Multi device

We built Meeting Fuse to be responsive across all your devices, so you can check your meetings or even book one on the way to the office as well as at your desk.

Global meetings

We always show meeting times in your local timezone, which makes Meeting Fuse perfect for conducting Meetings across timezones with remote participants


Yes, it's true we have already covered this one. But did you know you can easily export your data into a spreadsheet right from the reporting page? Well, you do now!

Ease of use

We hope you’ll agree that Meeting Fuse is the most easy to use meeting room management software on the market, and we have certainly pulled out all the stops to make it so. We believe in simple, intuitive software and that most users don’t want to use clunky, complicated interfaces with hundreds of seldom-used options.

But just how easy can Meeting Fuse be to use? Well, take a look at this video where we managed to demo setting up a company, creating meetings & inviting attendees, and demonstrating the reporting all within 3 minutes! Sequence NOT shortened.

That sounds great, but why do I care?

Remember that time the receptionist forgot to book the meeting room and you had that important meeting in the morning? Well this time when you are on the train home and you realise you haven’t received your invitation from Meeting Fuse, you can just login via your smartphone and book it there and then, and move that HR team meeting to 11am. Of course all the HR team members will be automatically notified of the change you made.

Your colleagues will appreciate being able to book a meeting room in 2 clicks and always having visibility into whether that room is available. Your office manager will appreciate having insights into meeting room availability and being able to see when important meetings are booked.

And everyone in your company will appreciate the time saved and reduced stress of having well managed meeting rooms.

But Wait! Just how much is all this going to cost me?

What if I work for a small company or charity and we can’t afford to pay for expensive software? Or a larger company with thousands of users? What if we looked at Meeting Room management applications before and decided against them as they tend to get expensive quite quickly?

Well, we looked at them too and completely agree with you. We want to build great software that people love to use and find genuinely useful, and we hate complicated restrictions and overpriced software.

So let’s say you are a registered charity, we love charities and the great work they do. Meeting Fuse is completely free for registered charities, just give us a shout and we will sort you out with unlimited free usage for your charity.

Meeting Fuse is also free for the first meeting room, so everyone can sign up and use it otherwise unrestricted with no credit card details required. Yup, that means that for many small companies Meeting Fuse is completely free to use, our gift to you.

If you have more than 1 meeting room, check out our pricing page. We are sure you will pleasantly suprised.