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Meeting Room Displays

Our Meeting Room Display app has been released for a while, so we thought it's about time we wrote a blog post about it. read more >>

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Chris Guy
31st January 2020

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Meeting Fuse Rebrand

We all know this has been on your lips for some time so we figured we’d finally tell you. read more >>

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4th May 2018

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Google calendar integration

Keeping track of your meeting room bookings can be difficult. That's why we added Google calendar integration to Meeting Fuse, and here's why you should use it. read more >>

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Chris Guy
30th April 2018

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Introducing Meeting Fuse

Hi, Welcome to Meeting Fuse and our first blog post! The idea of this of this post is basically just to introduce the website and explain why we built it and what it is for, and how it can help your company. read more >>

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Chris Guy
19th May 2016